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Google launches +1 button to compete with Facebook “Like”

Google launches a new +1 button for social sharing in response to the Facebook “Like”. Will it take off?

Will your website suffer under Google’s latest algorithm update?

Does your website rank lower after Google’s latest search engine update?

The update penalises “low-quality” sites but what does that mean and could your website be affected?

How to upgrade your Facebook page

We’ve recently been asked by a number of customers how to upgrade their Facebook Business Page to the new design format.
Here’s how to do it.

Is Your Facebook Business Page Secure?

This month Facebook rolled out tighter security options for accessing it’s pages. Make sure your account settings are as secure as they can be.

Google Checkout Removes Support For Solo Cards

Google Checkout will remove support for the Solo Scheme and Solo Cards. Will this affect your eCommerce website?

Fixing Contact Form 7’s “Failed to send your message” error

When submitting a Contact Form 7 form we received the “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.” error message.
Here’s how to fix that.

Cheap Web Design – The Pitfalls

Perform a quick Google search for “web design” in your area and inevitably some of the search results that come back will include that tempting word “cheap”.
But have you ever asked yourself, what does cheap mean?

Boost Sales With A Google Places Voucher

Formally known as Google Local the system now allows you to add simple offers directly onto your Business Listing for free so that they appear when visitors are performing local searches. Find out how.

Adding a UK Google Local Listing

Learn how easy it is to add your business to Google Places and have your listing appear alongside local searches.

Google Instant Search Review – Love it or Hate it?

Google Instant Search has been with us for a couple of months now. What is it and which camp do you plant your flag in – love it or hate it?

Google Gets A Caffeine Fix

How will Google Caffeine affect your website’s results page ranking?

Yahoo! and Bing in a Tree, K-I-S-SEPR

Two search engine rivals, Yahoo! and Bing get jiggy with each other. So what does that mean for your website?