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How to get Gallery Images in WordPress 3.5


Here’s how to get a list of image IDs from a Galley in WordPress 3.5 when the old get_posts attachment query method fails.

Passing Parameters to a Video Link in a WordPress Custom Field


Here’s how to take a video link from a WordPress custom field, display the video and pass parameters such as autoplay.

A MailChimp Opt-in Field for Contact Form 7


MailChimp is one bad-ass email marketing and email list management tool. Contact form 7 is also one of the most popular free contact forms for WordPress.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they worked together?

With a bit of PHP magic, here’s how to create a MailChimp opt-in field for Contact Form 7 which automatically adds an email address to a MailChimp list.

How to Move Jetpack Social Buttons with Genesis


Here’s how to move the Jetpack social buttons to the top of the post if you’re using the Genesis framework for your theme.

Adding Custom Image Sizes to WordPress 3.5 Media Manager


Here’s how to add some custom image sizes for use with the WordPress 3.5 Media Manager.

Changing the cPanel Default Website Page on a VPS


When setting up a new VPS you are likely going to want to make changes to the default set up.

That will likely mean changing the default website page from defaultwebpage.cgi to your own page.

Here’s a quick guide to help you on your way.

Speed Up Your Website using Caching and .htaccess


You’ve optimised your images, consolidated plugins, minified CSS and JavaScript files and cut down the number of external links your site goes to but it’s not enough is it?

You want more!  More speed….

Did you know that you can further dramatically improve the page-load times and speed up your website using caching?  And you don’t need to install any specialised plugins.

Installing & Setting up WordPress


Once you have chosen your web hosting provider the next step is to install and set up WordPress. Here’s a guide to help you through the process.

Intro to Hosting Packages for WordPress


We go through and summarise all the different types of hosting packages for WordPress. From WordPress.com to dedicated servers.

Integrating JetPack Infinite Scroll with Genesis


Our last couple of blog posts featured the JetPack Infinite Scroll (IS) module. Here we show you how to integrate the code into a Genesis child theme.