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How to increase the maximum file upload size in WordPress


How to increase the maximum file upload size in WordPress allowing you to upload and process larger files.

15 Essential WordPress Plugins to Make Your Website Work Better


WordPress is our CMS of choice because it’s easy to use and has some great features right out-of-the-box. Here is our round-up of the third-party essential WordPress plugins that we find ourselves frequently using to bring that extra superness to our customer websites.

WordPress plugin to always edit a page or post in HTML mode


WordPress has a habit of altering or removing HTML code when in “Visial” edit mode. Always Edit In HTML is a WordPress plugin that removes the “Visual” tab in the page/post editor and opens up your page or post in HTML mode.

Fixing Contact Form 7’s “Failed to send your message” error


When submitting a Contact Form 7 form we received the “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.” error message.
Here’s how to fix that.

Cheap Web Design – The Pitfalls


Perform a quick Google search for “web design” in your area and inevitably some of the search results that come back will include that tempting word “cheap”.
But have you ever asked yourself, what does cheap mean?

What is a Content Management System?


Put simply, a Content Management System (CMS) should separate the design of a website (theme, template) from the content – articles, pages, media etc. that you create.
Find out why you may need one for your website.

Scheduling MySQL Backups on Windows 7


Many people have had problems scheduling database backups uwing the MySQL Administrator tool. We fixed the issue and here’s how.

Top Tips for Website Design


When it comes to the internet there are lots of good websites out there, a few great ones and of course many, many shockingly bad ones.
So how can you avoid ending up with a stinker?

Whether you’re creating a new business website from scratch or redesigning an existing one, here are some top design tips to give your website visitors a great experience and keep them coming back for more.

Understanding the Importance of the robots.txt file


When search engine crawlers (robots) look at a website, the first file they will look at is not your index.html or index.php page. It is your robots.txt file.