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Don't Be A LinkedIn Spammy Sales Jerk

Don’t Be A LinkedIn Spammy Sales Jerk


There’s a right way and a wrong way to properly connect with a new person on LinkedIn. Here’s a brief summary of what to do and what not to do.

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How to Qualify New Leads Through Landing Pages


Ask the correct questions on your landing pages to properly qualify new leads and increase your landing page conversions.

Landing Page Essentials

Landing Page Essentials and A/B Testing with Google Optimize


A successful landing page does only one thing – it persuades a targeted visitor to perform an action (a conversion).

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Black Hat SEO – Don’t Do These Things


You’ve probably heard of the term Black Hat SEO but do you know what it means as far as implementation and the risks you run to your online business and reputation?

Writer’s Epic Job Resignation


Most of us would write a short resignation letter when it’s that time but writer Marina Shifrin decided to quit her job in style with an epic job resignation video.

Whatever Happened to Twitter Web Analytics?


Twitter Analytics must be one of the most anticipated upcoming features for Twitter users. But where is it?

The Secret Web Design Jargon Revealed


Here is our defination guide to those secret web design buzz words that other web design agencies don’t want you know.

What counts as a high-quality website according to Google?


What counts as a high-quality website according to Google? Google has released some more information on the Webmaster Central Blog about how its algorithms determine high-quality website content.

Will your website suffer under Google’s latest algorithm update?


Does your website rank lower after Google’s latest search engine update?

The update penalises “low-quality” sites but what does that mean and could your website be affected?

How to upgrade your Facebook page


We’ve recently been asked by a number of customers how to upgrade their Facebook Business Page to the new design format.
Here’s how to do it.