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How to Find Duplicate Email Addresses in WordPress

Quickly find duplicate email addresses in the WordPress users table in the database so you can maintain a unique email address per user.

update to WordPress 5

How to Upgrade to WordPress 5

Upgrading to WordPress 5 needn’t be scary. Follow these updating steps to seamlessly update your theme, plugins and core to WordPress 5.

WordPress Code

How To Remove an Action Hook or Filter Added By a Class in WordPress

Here is the correct way to remove an action hook or filter, after it has been created inside a WordPress PHP Class.

Single Sign-On

How to Single Sign-On to Multiple WordPress Sites

How to successfully implement WordPress Single Sign-On where users sign in once then get access to multiple sites without having to re-login.

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How to Get HTTPS Working in Windows 10 Localhost Dev Environment

Be your own certificate authority (CA) and issue certificates for your local development environment and get HTTPS working in Windows 10.

How to Correctly Setup Yoast SEO on WordPress

How to Correctly Setup Yoast SEO on WordPress

A totally comprehensive step-by-step guide in setting up Yoast SEO on WordPress to maximise your website SEO in Google search engine result pages (SERPs)

Scroll to the first error on a Gravity Forms form

How to Scroll to the First Error On a Gravity Form

Scroll to the first error on a Gravity Form after form submission for a superior customer user experience with this handy WordPress code snippet.

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9 Processes to Generate Content Ideas for Your Blog

Coming up with ideas for blog posts can be a real sticking point for many. Here are my 9 easy ways to generate content ideas for your blog this year.

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14 Things You Must Do Before Launching Your Website

Follow these 14 critical steps for launching your website perfectly, fully optimised for high search engine rankings that will kill your online competitors.

Online Marketing

How to Use URL Parameters to Pass Data to WordPress

Here’s how to pass data to your WordPress website using custom URL parameter strings, useful for your marketing campaigns or affiliate marketing click backs.

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How to Keep Updating WordPress 4.9.x After 5.0.x Has Been Released

Don’t want to update to WordPress 5.0 yet? Here’s how to update WordPress 4.9.x version branch when the dashboard only gives an option to update to 5.0.x

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Why You Should Never Change the GUID but Maybe Sometimes

GUIDs are unique identifiers for WordPress posts. Changing the GUID can cause issues with apps like RSS readers. But sometimes its OK to change them.