Canned Email Responses Template

Essential Business Canned Email Responses


26 tried and tested business canned email templates that you can cut and paste into Gmail or any other email provider that supports canned responses.

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Every business needs to have an essential list of canned email responses to save time and manage your inbox.

Included is one 20 page MS Word Document with 26 canned email templates that you can cut and paste into Gmail.

  1. More Info on Project Proposal
  2. Too Many Questions
  3. Project Proposal Termination
  4. Project Hourly Rate Knockback
  5. Schedule a 15 Minute Client Qualification Meeting Using Calendly
  6. Schedule a 30 Minute Consultancy Using Calendly
  7. General Decline for Sales Pitches
  8. Divert a Meeting Request to an Email
  9. Divert a Meeting Request to LinkedIn
  10. Handling an Upset Client
  11. Get Rid of Non-Profitable/Low Priority Projects
  12. Can I Pick Your Brains for Free?
  13. Sending Out a Meeting Agenda
  14. Inquiry to Supplier for Additional Information
  15. Asking for a Cost Estimate
  16. Sending Attachments
  17. Project Kick-off
  18. Job CV When You Are Not Hiring
  19. Congrats On Your New Role
  20. The “Still Interested?” Follow Up
  21. The “I Just Called You’ Email
  22. The “Why Didn’t You Buy?” Email
  23. Check Out This Useful Article
  24. Check Out This Useful Article
  25. What Would Need To Change?
  26. The “Break Up” Email

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