ZPD Site Care Three

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  • * If a major theme/plugin version update requires more than 30 mins to fix, additional development costs will apply.
  • * Consultancy time does not roll over to next period.
  • * We use the VaultPress backup service.  This plan backs up in real time and retains an unlimited backup archive.
  • * We use two website uptime services.  Alerts are sent via email and to a mobile phone app which we monitor.
  • * Reports are emailed as a PDF.
  • * We use the Zendesk ticketing system.  Support is primarily email based.
  • * We can offer a discounted developer rate of $200 per hour (12.5% discount).  The normal hourly rate is $225 per hour. The normal daily rate is $1250 per day.
  • * eCommerce and membership sites are complex and have many moving parts.  They require this level of package.
  • * We will provide or support a staging server where fixes and updates can be tested on before production release to minimize disruption.
  • * We will require access to your Google Analytics account and will set up alerts to monitor traffic spikes of >25% and > 50% of average traffic.
  • * All prices are in AUD and inclusive of GST.
  • * VPS management is not included.