Stanford Brown Medical

Project Overview

Standford Brown were looking for a spin-off vertical site, from their main website, in order to attract medical professionals.

The brand needed to be consistent with their main website but content was written specifically for the target audience appealing to different niches and age groups within the medical professional industry.



The overall objective of the project was to build a contact list of potential clients in the medical industry.

The objectives of the website were clear:

  • Attract the medical professional vertical
  • Gather useful contact information for followup
  • Promote company services awareness in the vertical
  • Adhere to the Standford Brown brand

What We Did

We decided to clone the primary website and strip out all the unecessary content that didn’t apply to the medical industry vertical.

New content, icons, calls-to-action (CTA’s) and workflows were added to attract different types of potential clients in the industry.

The “I am..” section appeals to visitors who didn’t know what services they needed or what was available to them.  This redirects to appropriate service links for further information.

The “I need advice with” section appeals to visitors with a unique issue they need solving, again redirecting to appropriate service links.

Along with the regular information sevices page the above pages allow the site to engage with visitors at different levels and different needs.

Visitors were ecouraged to sign up for a newsletter or to download free ebooks.

Along with the techincal service information we added lots of testimonials with friendly faces to soften the content and humanise the site.

Technology Used

CSS and jQeury were the main components of the design to development cycle built on WordPress of course.

All the sign-up forms, newsletter, ebook downloads etc, linked to the client’s Infusionsoft account using multiple tags.

If you haven’t heard or or used Infusionsoft before it is an tag driven email list manager at it’s very basic.  When a visitors details are added to a list and tagged, events can be driven from the particular tags that are associated with a contact.  Infusionsoft, although very expensive, is a very powerful marketing tool and can help engage with existing and potential clients.

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