Wealth With Purpose

Project Overview

The client had an existing membership site built in Moodle.  The membership model was being restructured and new content was to be created, so the client was looking for a modern, scalable membership site that was easy to manage.

This project was majority developed by Wil Brown while he was Technical Director of Lime Canvas, his previous development role.

The site is currently supported and maintained by Zero Point Development.



The main aim of the project was clear – to sell memberships.

A secondary objective was to gather a marketing list of people visiting and interested in the site, hopefully to convert to a membership at a later date by drip feeding content via email.

External podcasts and vlogs needed to be brought into and displayed on the website.

The site needed to be scalable and easy to use both for the customers and administrators.

What We Did

This project had many components to bring together into a whole.  There needed to be a membership wall in front of content and a way for customers to sign up and pay for a subscription to view that content.  This was an eCommerce project and more.  Membership content is delivered via courses so there also had to be a Learning Management System (LMS) component built in.

Email marketing would be driven with Infusionsoft, so that had to be integrated into the site with eBook sign-up enticements generating the lists.

The client also needed to enter a tonne of content in a multitude of different formats so the back-end needed to be flexible without resorting back to a developer.

Technology Used

We used WooCommerce as the core eCommerce component.  For subscriptions we used WooCommerce Subscriptions and linked that to WooCommerce Groups to allocate a customer to a particular tier.  Payments are taken via PayPal subscriptions which WooCommerce manages.

For the LMS we used Sensei from WooThemes, allowing hierarchical courses and lessons (modules) to be created and managed.  Video content and other course assets are stored in an Amazon S3 bucket.

Infusionsoft integration was done using Gravity Forms for lead nurturing and InfusedWoo for capturing customer purchases.

We used heavy use of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and Custom Post Types (CPTs) to configure the back-end allowing the client to add flexible content.

All of this is of course running on WordPress and hosted on a cloud server account.

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