About Wil and Zero Point Development

Zero Point Development is a WordPress consultancy and digital agency based in Sydney Australia since 2015.

I take on only a few select clients at a time so I can give them my very best attention and focus.

I specialise in making WordPress work hard for your business, generating leads, converting those to sales and making you money.

Your business should work to provide for you, not the other way around.

After getting to know you and your business from an in-depth discovery session, together we will look at what is doing well and what needs to be worked on to reach your business goals now and in the next couple of years.

I can help you to build high-converting landing pages, marketing funnels to fill up your sales pipelines, tweak your online content and social strategies, run effective email marketing campaigns, target the correct audiences using Facebook and Google ads, boost your brand awareness through copy, business networking and using LinkedIn more efficiently with WordPress running at the core.

Who is Wil Brown?

With a background in Computer Science, Wil has been developing with WordPress since 2008 and is at the heart of Sydney’s growing WordPress community co-organising the monthly WordPress Sydney city meetups.

He has spoken at multiple technical conferences in Australia and abroad.

Wil sits on the organising committee for WordCamp Sydney and the Linux Australia subcommittee ‘WP Australia‘ for managing funds and growth for the Australian meetup community.

He maintains several plugins in the wordpress.org plugin repository and GitHub and actively contributes to the WordPress open source project.

He also has a personal brand website WilBrown.com where he offers business coaching and online courses.

Wil and Zero Point Development are proud members of the Australian Web Industry Association (AWIA).

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Why Zero Point Development and WordPress?

WordPress is uber-popular and runs on one-third of all websites.

That means one in three websites that you visit is likely to be running WordPress.

It’s a great tool for individuals and businesses to quickly establish their presence online with a company website, however, WordPress can do so much more.

Time and time again, I talk to business owners that aren’t using the power of WordPress to really run their businesses efficiently and effectively.

I created Zero Point Development to help businesses unleash the power of WordPress for lead generation and sales.

I believe that you shouldn’t be a slave to your business, it should work for and support you.

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Chat With Me

If you run WordPress on your business website and think it could do more for your business, give me a call and we can chat about what you would like to do better.