Google launches new Inside Search blog

Today has seen the launch of a new Google blog called Inside Search dedicated to discussions, issues and updates surrounding their search engine algorithms.

Perhaps the timing of the new blog launch is just a coincidence, however, many webmasters are wondering if this may be the first serious attempt by Google to quell the unrest that had been stirred up by the Panda algorithm update.

According to Google’s Amit Singhal:

Generally, we help you answer questions by refining our algorithms, but today we’re taking a slightly different approach: we’re starting a blog — this blog — “Inside Search.” Here you’ll find regular updates on our algorithms and features, as well as stories from the people who work to improve Google every day.

Previously, all search engine update announcements have been through the Official Google Blog or the Webmaster Central Blog.

Splitting these off to a separate blog is a welcome move allowing webmasters to find and contribute to discussions in a single dedicated forum.

If you’re in any way interested or involved in SEO, subscribe to this blog today.

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