Guaranteed First Page Google Ranking

That would be nice but sorry, there are no guarantees in marketing and even less in Google Page rankings.

Let me explain why.

SEO is a multi-billion dollar industry and there are a lot of big companies who have been chasing and pumping money into top keyword search results for many years.

They have 1000’s of pages of content, 1000’s of backlinks and high domain authority which is measured on a scale of 1 to 100.

There is no way you will be able to compete for top keywords like “SEO Agency” or “Website Designer” against those big companies, especially if you are a new company with a new domain and website.

Also, Google takes into account your own browsing history to display a tailored search result, just for you and because Google keeps those algorithms under lock and key, there is no way an external company can cheat the system.

Sorry for the brutal truth, but there it is.

Companies That Guarantee A First Page Ranking

I see many adverts from companies “guaranteeing” first page Google rankings.

Here’s one from my Google search for “Guaranteed First Page Google Ranking“.

Technically, anyone can get a first page Google ranking, but most likely not for the top search term that they had in mind and more like a long-tail keyword.

Neil Patel has a fantastic article about ranking for long-tail keywords that you should read before engaging with any SEO company- just so you understand the technique.

Setting Your Expectations

Let’s assume a new web design company with a brand new website with not much content wants to perform some SEO and engages with one of these SEO companies guaranteeing a first page ranking on Google.

The web design company pays money and has the expectation that when they type in “web design Sydney” that they will now appear on the first page of the Google search pages.


That’s a very popular and hence expensive keyword and there is no way that is going to happen.

You need to set your expectations on which keywords you stand a chance with for ranking high on Google searches.

Long-Tail Keywords

However, the SEO company could stand a better chance of getting that first-page ranking by going after very specific long-tail keywords.

Rather than “Website Design Sydney”, targeting “Website Design for Rheumatologists in Sydney” is much more specific and hence the competition is likely to be a lot lower, so ranking for that long-tail search term should be much easier.

So when a company is guaranteeing a first page Google result, the most likely way they will be able to deliver that is to target very unique long-tail keywords.

That might not be what your company is looking for so you have to be very careful not to part with lots of money up-front.

Be Vigilant

Do have a conversation with an SEO company about which keywords they are recommending to get you traffic for on the first page of a Google search results page and weigh whether the traffic you may get is worth the money being asked for.

If your company is servicing a local niche, long-tail keywords are an ideal way to boost your rankings on Google to gain additional traffic.

Let me know about your experiences engaging with SEO companies that offer a guaranteed first page Google ranking in the comments below.

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