Wealth With Purpose

Project Overview

The client had an existing membership site built in Moodle.  The membership model was being restructured and new content was to be created, so the client was looking for a modern, scalable membership site that was easy to manage.

This project was majority developed by Wil Brown while he was Technical Director of Lime Canvas, his previous development role.

The site is currently supported and maintained by Zero Point Development.


Objectives & Approach

The main aim of the project was clear – to sell memberships.

A secondary objective was to gather a marketing list of people visiting and interested in the site, hopefully to convert to a membership at a later date by drip feeding content via email.

External podcasts and vlogs needed to be brought into and displayed on the website.

The site needed to be scalable and easy to use both for the customers and administrators.

What We Did
Tech & Specs
Client Site


Wil is a dad, WordPress consultant, WordPress developer, business coach and mentor. He co-organizes the WordPress Sydney meetup group and has been on the organising committee for WordCamp Sydney since 2014. He speaks at many special events and contributes to the WordPress open source project. His likes are chillies, craft beer and electrogravitics.