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Speed Up Your Website using Caching and .htaccess

You’ve optimised your images, consolidated plugins, minified CSS and JavaScript files and cut down the number of external links your site goes to but it’s not enough is it?

You want more!  More speed….

Did you know that you can further dramatically improve the page-load times and speed up your website using caching?  And you don’t need to install any specialised plugins.

Stop Image Hotlinking

Hotlinking and is very common-place with images. People will add your image URL into their own web pages passing it off as their own. Stop that!

301 Redirects – How To Redirect Your Website URLs

How To Redirect Your Website URLs using 301 redirects. Using 301 redirects can help improve your Search Engine rankings and consolidate your visitor statistics. It’s relatively easy to implement and will help preserve those search engine rankings for existing pages.