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WordPress Security with OpenSSL Heartbleed Vulnerability & JetPack

By Wil / April 11, 2014

WordPress security double whammy! Open SSL Heartbleed vulnerability and exploits in the JetPack plugin. Read how to fix the problems & secure your website.

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How to Move Jetpack Social Buttons with Genesis

By Wil / April 10, 2013

Here’s how to move the Jetpack social buttons to the top of the post if you’re using the Genesis framework for your theme.

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Integrating JetPack Infinite Scroll with Genesis

By Wil / February 13, 2013

Our last couple of blog posts featured the JetPack Infinite Scroll (IS) module. Here we show you how to integrate the code into a Genesis child theme.

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Customising the JetPack Infinite Scroll Footer

By Wil / February 5, 2013

This post shows you how to customise the contents of the JetPack Infinite Scroll Footer module for WordPress.

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Using the Infinite Scroll Module in JetPack

By Wil / January 30, 2013

The JetPack WordPress plugin is jam packed with lots of great functionality including Infinite Scroll for your posts, removing the need for pagination.

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