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Setting Up Wordfence For WordPress - WPQuickies

Setting Up Wordfence – WPQuickes

By Wil / June 28, 2021

In this lunchtime WPQuickies, I’ll run through how to set up Wordfence properly for your WordPress website.

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WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress Security Plugins – WPQuickies

By Wil / June 25, 2020

In this lunchtime #WPQuickies, I take a quick look at Security Plugins, why you would need one, what are the top ones and what they do.

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WordFence Monitors Realtime WordPress Attacks

By Wil / February 27, 2014

WordFence, the makers of the WordPress security firewall plugin of the same name, have launched a real-time view of attacks blocked by their software

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