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State of the Word 2014

By Wil / October 28, 2014

Matt talks about WordCamps, gives some stats from the 33,000 responders of the annual survey and of course lots more about the future of WordPress.

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Matt Mullenweg Talks in Sydney

By Wil / June 17, 2014

Last night we were treated to a talk in Sydney from Matt Mullenweg on how WordPress was created and where its future lies.

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Matt Mullenweg In Australia June 2014

By Wil / May 12, 2014

WordPress’ Matt Mullenweg is in Australia & New Zealand, June 2014, to connect with open source communities via “A Conversation With Matt Mullenweg” events. Melbourne June 12th, Sydney June 16th, Wellington June 17th.

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WordPress 4.0 Dev Kickoff

By Wil / May 5, 2014

Development on WordPress 4.0 has officially started. But what new features can we expect to see in this new version?

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WordPress Code

Will My Website Break If I Update WordPress?

By Wil / January 20, 2014

There is a myth that updating to the latest WordPress version will break your website. It’s very is unlikely. Find out why.

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Using WordPress Transients to Reduce Database Load

By Wil / December 11, 2013

Cache your database query results in WordPress Transients to reduce database load and increase your WordPress web page loading speed.

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WordPress 3.8 and Flat Design

By Wil / December 9, 2013

WordPress 3.8 is going to look very different with a Dashboard overhaul giving it a new flat UI and the new Twenty Fourteen theme arrives just in time for Christmas.

Find out what else has changed in this release.

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Disabling WP Cron

Disabling WP-Cron in WordPress

By Wil / November 30, 2013

WP-Cron sucks. A lot! Here’s how to disable WP-Cron in WordPress and use a server Cron Tab to manually run WP-Cron properly. Your scheduled posts will love you for it.

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WordPress Security Best Practices

WordPress Security Best Practices

By Wil / October 1, 2013

Slides from the WordPress Sydney meetup group talk on WordPress Security Best Practices.

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What is the Future of Mobile Web Browsing?

By Wil / September 20, 2013

As more of us are using mobile devices to access the Interwebs. We asked WPtouch developer and co-founder of BraveNewCode, Duane Storey, for his expert views on the Future of Mobile Web Browsing.

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Drop-Ins and Must-Use WordPress Plugins

By Wil / May 23, 2013

Drop-ins allow you to replace some of the core WordPress functionality and Must Use plugins are always active and can’t be uninstalled from the dashboard. Let’s find out more.

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Passing Variables between PHP and jQuery

By Wil / May 14, 2013

How to pass variables from PHP to jQuery and javascript using the wp_localize_script WordPress function.

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