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Due to the virus pandemic, we’ve all moved to online meetups.

I’ve created a new webinar series called #WPQuickies – bite-size WordPress hacks in 30 minutes or less.

Tweaking Your Website with CSS #WPQuickies webinar

Webinar Content

In this webinar I cover the following topics.

What is CSS and what can it do?

Video time code: 9m00s.

In this segment, I discuss how Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to change the style of how HTML page elements display their content.

By styling I mean chaging properties such as shape, colour, position and size. Definitely not the HTML content.

HTML Tags, ID’s and Classes

Video time code: 10m10s.

In this segment, I discuss how to target the HTML with CSS in three ways:

  1. Using an HTML tag such as paragraph <p>, headings <h1> etc.
  2. Using an HTML tag ID e.g. <button id=”checkout-submit>Buy</button> and how ID’s are unique – only one per HTML page
  3. Using HTML tag Classes e.g. <img class=”user-avatar” src=”pic.jpg”/> and how Classes allow styling to be applied to a group of HTML elements on a page. Hence, there may be multiple Classes on a HTML page.

I also explain how to write CSS ID’s, prefixing with a hash # and Classes, prefixing with a period .

Where To Add CSS In WordPress

Video time code: 20m05s.

In this segment, I quickly share a graphic showing that CSS can be added directly into the Customiser using the Additional CSS menu.

Additional CSS in the Customiser

Using Chrome and Firefox Inspectors

Video time code: 21m00s.

In this segment, I jump into a live demo showing how to use Firefox’s Inspect Element tool to locate HTML tags, ID’s and Classes using the selector and the right-click method on a local installation of WordPress using the default TwentyTwenty theme and a sample page.

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The playlist is also embedded below, click the hamburger menu in the top right of the video to see the others in the series.

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