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What You Looking At? – Top Search Engine Keywords

Every day there are millions of searches conducted on World Wide Web using big search engine sites such as Google and Yahoo!

Have you ever wondered what they are searching for?

Some of the most popular search engine sites offer a glimpse into just what keywords and phrases the common layman is querying.

  • Google Zeitgeist: Popular search topics on Google with a handy breakdown by country.
  • Google Searches: What people are searching for on the web with a more current affairs/news-byte feel. Similar to Yahoo! Buzz.
  • Google Trends: Compare different search topics and see their search history and volumes at Google over time.
  • Yahoo! Buzz: Popular search topics showcased at Yahoo! with voting and sharing facilities. Similar to Google Searches.
  • MSN Hotlist: MSN’s hottest topics and search keywords.
  • Lycos 50: Top searches art Lycos, one of the first big search engines of the early web.
  • Ask IQ: ”Interesting Queries” at Ask.
  • AOL Hot Searches: Latest big searches from AOL.
  • Dogpile SearchSpy: Real-time filtered search list from this young aggregated search engine. As “do it yourself electrostimulation” scrolled upwards, so did my eyebrows. There can be something transfixing, yet disturbing, about watching the never-ending scrolling list of search terms that people are entering right now.
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