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Why it is Essential to have Your Own Business Domain Name

Here’s a quick question for you to ponder.

If you had a choice of two sellers to purchase your item from would it be [email protected] or [email protected]?

I would guess most buyers would opt for the seller rather than the @hotmail address.


After all, “Tam” may have the best price deal and better quality item.

It’s all about trust or more specifically, a buyer’s perception of trust.

Ecommerce Web Sites & On-line Shopping

On-line shopping has become second nature to most, certainly in the UK and with a huge selection of items to browse and purchase from the comfort of your armchair, why not?

But browsing isn’t the problem.  The crunch time is when a buyer enters the checkout process and that’s when the questions and doubts start to set in, not for the items they have placed in the shopping cart but more so about the transaction.  Is the seller trustworthy?  Will my money get there?  Will I receive the goods?  How safe will my credit card details be?

I’m sure you’ve paused to scrutinise some of the questions above before committing to press the “Place My Order” button.

Big company names have a certain level of inherit trust perception but what about when you’re dealing with smaller companies or even a single seller?

If you are a seller who fits into that category, I’m sure you’ve set up SSL or have a Pay Pal or Google Check Out account and have taken the time to describe your delivery and returns policies, but how much time have you put into your domain name or email address?

Buying Your Own Domain Name

Having your own business domain name is an important factor in building trust between you and your buyers.

The downside of presenting customers with a hotmail or Gmail address is that everybody knows they are free and any man, woman or meerkat can obtain one.

Continuity of brand implies a certain level of commitment and investment.  You’re showing customers how professional you are and how much of a commitment you have put into your business.

So how do you get started on the road to owning a domain name?

Check back soon and read my article on choosing a good domain name for your Business.

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