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Always Edit in HTML WordPress Plugin

If you find yourself entering HTML code into the WordPress page/post editor only to have it reformatted or worse removed when in Visual mode then here is the solution for you.

Always Edit In HTML is a WordPress plugin that removes the “Visual” tab in the page/post editor and opens up your page or post in HTML mode, preserving your HTML code.

Why would you need this plugin?

The WordPress page/post editor has two tabs at the top right – “Visual” and “Text”.

  1. The Text tab allows you to enter HTML code onto the page or post and when saving or publishing the post it preserves your code just the way you entered it.
  2. The Visual tab has all the fancy writing style tools but when you save or publish your page or post, WordPress parses and formats the content which may results in your HTML code not working or even being removed.

WordPress does not remember the tab option for each page or post.  It will open up a page or post using whichever Visual or Text tab you last used.

This means that if you were editing a post using the Visual tab, saved it and then edited the page or post you had entered the HTML code into, that page would open in Visual mode and you could loose your HTML code.

If only there was a plugin that gave you the option to always open up a page or post in HTML

Ta da!  Here’s one.

Download the plugin

Download directly from the WordPress plugins site at:

Or from GitHub

It’s been downloaded 83,928 times.

How to install the plugin

  1. Download the plugin zip file & unzip it
  2. Copy the folder always-edit-in-html into the directory /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

How to use the plugin

Open up a page or post.

You will see the “Always edit in HTML” options box in the right hand column.


Check the option and Save Draft.

When the page or post reloads it will automatically be placed in HTML mode.


The “Visual” editor tab has been removed to preserve the code format.

Does the plugin do anything else?


Known Issues



Use the plugin support forum.  If there are any bugs we’ll try to fix as quickly as we can.