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Change Product Author for WooCommerce

Change Product Author for WooCommerce

Quickly and easily change your WooCommerce product author.

Why Do You Need This Plugin?

By default WooCommerce doesn’t show or allow you to change the product author.

This plugin adds support for ‘author’ to the WooCommerce ‘product’ post type.

The WooCommerce author will now show up in the products view, the edit product and the quick edit product screens.

Why would you need this plugin?

You need to change the author or a WooCommerce product.

Perhaps you a developer who has imported the clients products before launch and you need to switch all the products over to the clients user login.

Download the Plugin

Downoad directly from the WordPress plugins repository at:

Or from GitHub

It’s been downloaded 2,082 times.

How to Install the Plugin

  1. Download the plugin zip file & unzip it
  2. Copy the folder wc-change-product-author into the directory /wp-content/plugins/
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

How to Use the Plugin

Once activated you can see the product author names in your dashboard Products view.

show product authors woocommerce change product author

You can change a WooCommerce product author in two locations from your WordPress dashboard.

While editing a product.

author meta box woocommerce change product author
Edit the product and scroll down to the Author meta box

From the Products view using Quick Edit.

quick edit woocommerce change product author
Use Quick Edit in the Products view to change the author of multiple products at once


Does the pluign do anything else?


I don’t see the Author in Quick Edit

Check that you have two or more users with Author or above roles.

Known Issues



Use the plugin support forum.  If there are any bugs I’ll try to fix as quickly as I can.