Adobe not to support Flash on Jelly Bean

Adobe has announced that it won’t support Flash on Google’s upcoming Android 4.1 version Jelly Bean.

In it’s blog post, Adobe says it will also limit the access to Flash Player on Google’s Play store, to those devices that already have Flash Player installed.

It goes on to explain that the Flash Player is tightly integrated in the sub-systems of each device and that manufactures had to apply for official certification from Adobe.

This certification will not be available for Jelly Bean.

In essence, Adobe has signed Flash Player’s death certificate on Android going forward.

An archive of Flash Player versions will be available for those who need ongoing support on Android but Adobe say it is increasingly likely that these won’t work with future Android devices.

Bye bye Flash.

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  1. I have flash installed on a HTC One Droid phone and it doesn’t work worth a damn so far as I can tell. Still can’t watch video on the majority of websites. Still with no flash on mobile devices the future looks somewhat dark for Adobe Flash.

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