Changing the Default Outgoing WordPress Email Address

Today’s quick tip shows you how to programmatically change the outgoing WordPress email address to something other than “WordPress”.

By default WordPress will send outgoing emails to the “E-mail Address” set up in Settings > General in the format “WordPress <[email protected]>”.

Business website owners don’t want to receive emails from “WordPress” – it should be set to their website name.

There are two filters you can use to change the email address and the email name associated with the address.

Copy the following code into your theme’s functions.php file.

Lines 1-6 Change the default outgoing WordPress email address.

Line 2 Change [email protected] to your preferred email address.

Lines 8-13 Change the name associated with the outgoing WordPress email address.

Line 9 Change My Business Website to whatever name you want the email address to be associated with.

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2 thoughts on “Changing the Default Outgoing WordPress Email Address”

  1. @disqus_OooX5XOCYK:disqus although I cannot confirm this works for me, as I have not attempted it yet, it looks good and it can also be built into a child theme very easily whereas i’m not so confident the way you recommend can be built into a child-theme.

    The Child theme can help you avoid the warning mentioned in the Logicom article:

    “every time you upgrade your wp you have to make this change again.”

    If I’m wrong, and you know how to build it into a child theme then please share.

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