Cheap Web Design – The Pitfalls

Perform a quick Google search for “web design” in your area and inevitably some of the search results that come back will include that tempting word “cheap”.

Your eyes widen, the mouse pointer inches slowly forward as if on auto pilot. After all, we all like value for money and if we’re running a business that’s what it’s all about.

But have you ever asked yourself, what does cheap mean?

The dictionary definition starts off well with “Relatively low in cost; inexpensive or comparatively inexpensive” but keep reading down the list and it makes for some grim reading; “Achieved with little effort” and “Of poor quality; inferior”.

We know from experience that good web design takes a lot of listening to the customer, expertise and many hours of effort.

When we see search results offering very cheap website design services we have to wonder just how much effort is going into that design and what level of quality is being produced.

So often we find that these cheap website design offerings are based on a standard template with a few colours changed and your business logo slapped on the top for good measure.

OK the template may be nice but what about the quality? A few minutes in Photoshop – literally – and all you might get is just the file.

What do you do with these files and how do you get them onto the web? What happens in a few months when you need to update the website?

This is not good web design but it is cheap web design.


So what other options are there?

A better alternative is to find a web designer who will give you value for money for your website design. Someone who will talk through your ideas and come up with the best solution using their experience and effort to give you a quality product.

A good web designer will ask you all sorts of questions upfront before undertaking the project: What are your goals? Who are your customers? Do you have an existing domain with hosting? Where do you see the site going in six months time?

Also you should ask them questions about how they work, what they deliver and the type of support they offer afterwards.

You can have an affordable website design that is good value for money and projects your business onto the web with professionalism and pride.

Have a chat with us today and find out how we can deliver you an affordable web design for your business.

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2 thoughts on “Cheap Web Design – The Pitfalls”

Comments are closed.