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Wil Brown Expert WordPress Consultant Sydney

Hi, I'm Wil.

I've been active in the WordPress community since 2008.

I co-run the WordPress Sydney meetup group, co-organise WordCamp Sydney and sit on the board of WP Australia a subcommittee of Linux Australia.

My mission is to help businesses generate wealth by super-charging how they use WordPress in all aspects across the organisational structure.

Some of my methods include:
Landing Pages, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Site Audits, Third-Party API Integration, Discovery Sessions and Business Mentoring.

How well are you using WordPress in your business?

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The rise of cryptocurrency miners as malware

We have started to notice WordPress websites being injected with cryptocurrency miners as a malware attack. Is this the new preferred attack method?

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Securing your site against XML-RPC attacks

Should you secure your site by deactivating the XML-RPC service?  It may come at a cost to your website! Let’s find out some more.

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Why Web Security Is Important

Web security should be a priority for any website owner. Here are some reasons why.

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Get your site SSL ready for Chrome 62

Starting this October 2017 the Chrome browser version 62 will start to mark all non secure web pages as “Not Secure” in the browser address bar. Get your site ready for SSL now.

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Why Simple Character Substitution for Passwords is Now a Pile of 5h1t

Password management guru Bill Burr says we’re all doing passwords wrongly. He regrets his advice of 15 years ago. Find out why?

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Chrome and Firefox Domain Name Phishing Attack

Beware of fake domain name phishing attacks using English looking unicode character domain names on Chrome and Firefox browsers. Security severity is HIGH.

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WordPress REST API Vulnerability

A vulnerability in the WordPress REST API is being exploited by hackers to deface and remote execute scripts on sites running WordPress 4.7 adn 4.7.1. The issue has been fixed in version 4.7.2.

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11 Things You Can Easily Sell With WooCommerce

On-line selling isn’t just about shipping physical products. There are many different ways make money on-line using WooCommerce. Here are a few ideas.

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Black Hat SEO – Don’t Do These Things

You’ve probably heard of the term Black Hat SEO but do you know what it means as far as implementation and the risks you run to your online business and reputation?

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