Removing the WordPress Version Number

Displaying the WordPress version number in your website’s source code may help hackers target exploits.  Remove it today!

To see if your site is displaying a WordPress version number view your site’s home page source (in Chrome press <CTRL>+U).

Look towards the top of the source code for the line that starts with <meta name=”generator”

WP Meta Generator

You probably don’t have to worry if you are keeping your website up-to-date regularly and by regularly I mean weekly.

WordPress releases core updates regularly and these contain fixes to known exploits.

Displaying your WordPress version gives hackers valuable information allowing them to target specific weaknesses that have since been fixed in later updates.

Don’t make things easy for them!

Add the following line to your functions.php file located in your theme folder.

remove_action(‘wp_head’, ‘wp_generator’);

Ha ha – in your face Mr Hacker!

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