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Everything You Need To Know About SSL Certificates

Everything You Need To Know About SSL Certificates

WordPress beginners struggle with the concepts of SSL Certificates. Here’s everything you need to know about SSL certificates and HTTPS.

9 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

9 Best WordPress Backup Plugins 2019

Backing up your WordPress site is uber critical but there are so many choices. So, what are the best WordPress backup plugins to use in 2019?

WordPress Security

WPML Website Hacked by Former Employee – Plugin Safe

Enterprise company WPML had their website hacked resulting in the entire customer base being sent a spam and misleading email. How did it happen?

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How to Keep Updating WordPress 4.9.x After 5.0.x Has Been Released

Don’t want to update to WordPress 5.0 yet? Here’s how to update WordPress 4.9.x version branch when the dashboard only gives an option to update to 5.0.x

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PHP 5 Support Expires January 1, 2019

PHP 5 Support Expires December 2018. If you don’t upgrade to PHP 7, your site could be at risk of being hacked!

WordPress database table prefix wp_

Changing WordPress’ default table prefix does nothing to enhance security

There’s a myth that changing the WordPress default table prefix will enhance your site’s security. It does not! In fact it can be dangerous to do so.

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The rise of cryptocurrency miners as malware

We have started to notice WordPress websites being injected with cryptocurrency miners as a malware attack. Is this the new preferred attack method?

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Securing your site against XML-RPC attacks

Should you secure your site by deactivating the XML-RPC service?  It may come at a cost to your website! Let’s find out some more.

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Why Web Security Is Important

Web security should be a priority for any website owner. Here are some reasons why.

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Get your site SSL ready for Chrome 62

Starting this October 2017 the Chrome browser version 62 will start to mark all non secure web pages as “Not Secure” in the browser address bar. Get your site ready for SSL now.

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Why Simple Character Substitution for Passwords is Now a Pile of 5h1t

Password management guru Bill Burr says we’re all doing passwords wrongly. He regrets his advice of 15 years ago. Find out why?