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Google Panda 2.2 Update Coming Soon

By Wil / June 9, 2011

Google has approved a Panda 2.2 update and it will be rolled out to English searches “soon”. What will the update address?

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Google to roll out Social Search globally

By Wil / May 19, 2011

Google announces the global roll out of Social Search as another search engine update looms. Social Search includes results from Twitter and other sites in the search results.

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Will your website suffer under Google’s latest algorithm update?

By Wil / March 3, 2011

Does your website rank lower after Google’s latest search engine update?

The update penalises “low-quality” sites but what does that mean and could your website be affected?

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Google Gets A Caffeine Fix

By Wil / August 7, 2010

How will Google Caffeine affect your website’s results page ranking?

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Yahoo! and Bing in a Tree, K-I-S-SEPR

By Wil / August 6, 2010

Two search engine rivals, Yahoo! and Bing get jiggy with each other. So what does that mean for your website?

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How to Rank High on Bing Search Engine

By Wil / December 16, 2009

Earlier this year behemoth IT companies Microsoft and Yahoo reached a lengthy agreement to merge their search services in hope of trying to compete with the king search-land, Google.

Here are some essential tips on getting your website picked up by Bing search engine.

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