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Whatever Happened to Twitter Web Analytics?

By Wil / June 1, 2012

Twitter Analytics must be one of the most anticipated upcoming features for Twitter users. But where is it?

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Apple to Integrate Twitter into iOS 5 – is this the Birth of Twapple?

By Wil / June 8, 2011

Twitter has announced that it’s services will be built directly into the next version of Apple’s operating system iOS 5. Should social media services be built directly into an OS?

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Twitter releases new Follow button

By Wil / June 1, 2011

Twitter launches another social button for your website allowing tweeters to follow you with just one click.

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TweetDeck is bought by Twitter for $40 millon

By Wil / May 26, 2011

TweetDeck has been bought by Twitter ending months of internet speculation. It will now become the official Twitter desktop and mobile client.

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Judge Gives Gagging Order for Facebook and Twitter

By Wil / May 14, 2011

Thought to be the first of its kind, a UK High Court judge has ordered an injunction which bans publication of information on Twitter and Facebook.

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Twitter Drastically Cuts API Rate Limits To Aid Capacity Issues

By Wil / July 7, 2010

Twitter drastically slashes it’s API rate limit causing problems for 3rd-party clients and services.

Find out why.

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