TweetDeck is bought by Twitter for $40 millon

It’s official – TweetDeck has been bought by Twitter ending months of speculation according to an announcement on the TweetDeck blog.

Sources have reported that the $40 million deal was agreed as a mixture of cash and stock which should give the development company a much needed boost.

TweetDeck is one of the most popular 3rd party Twitter desktop clients available on Windows, Mac and Linux Ubuntu.

Its simple column-based interface allows you to easily manage your tweets and also allows you to connect and post to other social networks such as Facebook.

Twitter has recently narked off it’s huge following of developers by announcing changes and restrictions in the way that 3rd party “unofficial” Twitter clients display and handle tweets.

Now that TweetDeck is to become the official client, developers will have a standard client and interface to work to.

TweetDeck is also available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Chrome.

[youtube oDc9fDLlhq8]


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