The New WordPress Twenty Thirteen Theme

What’s new in the WordPress Twenty Thirteen Theme?

That’s easy to answer – pretty much everything!

The first draft of the theme appeared on-line around February this year and has been in development ever since alongside the coming soon WordPress 3.6.

It’s due to be shipped with WordPress 3.6 in a few weeks time.  Here’s a preview of what’s to come.

Big and Bold

Twenty Thirteen is a fully responsive WordPress theme packed with a lot of goodies to make it a very polished theme.

The first thing you’ll probably notice (when viewing on a desktop machine) is that the maximum width of the theme is set to a whopping 160opx.

This is a huge jump from the industry standard, if slightly waning, 960px.

As you would expect, the theme caters for all types of posts; Quotes, Video, Gallery, Aside and brings them all under the one umbrella.

WordPress 3.6 is about to revamp the post formats UI and bring it to the forefront as more people are tumblogging.

Tumblogging:  posting short, often multimedia, blog posts on sites like Tumblr.

Twenty Twelve was minimal and clearly targeted as a business website theme, Twenty Thirteen has gone back to WordPress’ blogging roots.

Twenty Thirteen Homepage

We’ve also noticed that the theme comes bundled with Genericons – a font-based vector icon set which resizes very well on responsive sites.

You Can’t Please Everyone

The theme won’t ship with a vertibal sidebar switched on as default however the footer is fully enabled for multiple widgets.

You can of course enable and use sidebars, however the theme is designed to work best in one fluid single column.

As the theme is clearly targeted at bloggers some designers and developers may not fall in love with Twenty Thirteen straight away.

Lead developer @markjaquith probably sensed as much, making the following comments about the new theme.

Some of you will hate it. And that’s okay. We’ll still be shipping Twenty Twelve, which is an excellent base theme and a canvas on which you can build anything from a blog to a static content site.

At least you weren’t warned up front!

Take a look for yourself at the live demo.

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  1. I really love this theme because of its bright colour, the modern look and it also supports sidebar. Personally, I find it really hard to find a free theme like this so I’m looking forward to Twenty Thirteen release. I’m a fashion blogger so this theme is perfect for someone like me.

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