WordPress plugin to always edit a page or post in HTML mode

For most advanced WordPress users there will come a time when you want to add some HTML codes to your pages or posts.

But WordPress has a habit of altering or removing this code when in “Visual” edit mode.

Always Edit In HTML is a WordPress plugin that removes the “Visual” tab in the page/post editor and opens up your page or post in HTML mode.

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Why would you need to use this plugin?

To preserve your HTML code on pages and posts.

When saving a page or post in “Visual” tab mode, WordPress will parse through the editors content performing some housekeeping formatting which can remove some of your HTML code.

This does not happen when you are in the “HTML” tab mode of the editor and WordPress will save your page or post content as it is without any formatting.

The Always Edit in HTML Mode WordPress plugin allows you to open up a page or post in HTML mode with a single click of a check box.  It’s that easy.

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