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Wil Brown Expert WordPress Consultant Sydney

Hi, I'm Wil.

I've been active in the WordPress community since 2008.

I co-run the WordPress Sydney meetup group, co-organise WordCamp Sydney and sit on the board of WP Australia a subcommittee of Linux Australia.

My mission is to help businesses generate wealth by super-charging how they use WordPress in all aspects across the organisational structure.

Some of my methods include:
Landing Pages, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Site Audits, Third-Party API Integration, Discovery Sessions and Business Mentoring.

How well are you using WordPress in your business?

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How to Use URL Parameters to Pass Data to WordPress

Here’s how to pass data to your WordPress website using custom URL parameter strings, useful for your marketing campaigns or affiliate marketing click backs.

WordPress Security

WPML Website Hacked by Former Employee – Plugin Safe

Enterprise company WPML had their website hacked resulting in the entire customer base being sent a spam and misleading email. How did it happen?

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How to Keep Updating WordPress 4.9.x After 5.0.x Has Been Released

Don’t want to update to WordPress 5.0 yet? Here’s how to update WordPress 4.9.x version branch when the dashboard only gives an option to update to 5.0.x

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Why You Should Never Change the GUID but Maybe Sometimes

GUIDs are unique identifiers for WordPress posts. Changing the GUID can cause issues with apps like RSS readers. But sometimes its OK to change them.

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PHP 5 Support Expires January 1, 2019

PHP 5 Support Expires December 2018. If you don’t upgrade to PHP 7, your site could be at risk of being hacked!

Are you ready for Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is the project name for the new “block” editor that will arrive with WordPress version 5.0 Nov 2018

Landing Page Essentials

Landing Page Essentials and A/B Testing with Google Optimize

A successful landing page does only one thing – it persuades a targeted visitor to perform an action (a conversion).

WordPress database table prefix wp_

Changing WordPress’ default table prefix does nothing to enhance security

There’s a myth that changing the WordPress default table prefix will enhance your site’s security. It does not! In fact it can be dangerous to do so.

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How to fix the WordPress white screen of death

Sometimes when updating WordPress the screen goes blank AKA The White Screen of Death. Learn what it is, how to fix it and get your site back up again.

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